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Once Upon A Mattress

Cast List


Thank you to all that auditioned! The talent was so good and so hard to cast.

Read-Thru and Cast Meeting: June 1st 9:00 am -12:00 pm

Robinne will get you the rehearsal schedule.

Winnifred - Emma Black

Dauntless - Jerry Black

Lady Larken - Caitlin Myler

Sir Harry - Abe Myler

King Sextimus the Silent - Derren Herbert

Queen Aggravain - Dana Anquoe

Minstrel - Jonah Young

Jester - Ben Dunford

Wizard - Tyler Brummett

Nightingale / Princess 12 - Alexa Stromsdorfer

Sir Studley - Brinler Tanner

Sir Luce - James Eastmond


1st Knight Sir Humphreys - Will Wood

2nd Knight Sir Russell - Stephen Call

3rd Knight Sir Michael - Jonathan Curtis

Ladies in Waiting:

Lady Rowena - Janaya Young

Lady Emily - Kelsey Eastmond

Lady Lucille - Kimberly McKell

Lady Merrill - Ciara Hulet

Lady Mabelle - Emily Keller (French)

Lady Helena - Emma Clark


1st Chamber Maid - Alyshia Robison

2nd Chamber Maid - Miranda Mobbs (Kitchen Wench)

3rd Chamber Maid - Mary Hansen